Soleil Furniture ships factory direct nationwide via independent trucking companies. Therefore - no sales tax is collected by us unless shipping to Michigan. We ship to a 3rd party trucking company of your choice or ours. You are guaranteed to receive your furniture in good condition without exception unless you sign for it good and it is not. If your furniture is damaged in shipping it will be replaced or repaired free of charge. Local repair in your city is often the fastest way to resolve issues. If your order can not be repaired it will be replaced free of charge. It may take as long to replace as the time required for the original order. You (or your agent) MUST list any damage on the trucking company receipt called proof of delivery. You have a right and a responsibility to inspect. If you have a friend, neighbor, or a moving and storage company accept delivery for you - you are fully responsible for their actions. No returns or cancelations on custom or special order items.

Estimated Delivery Time
Soleil Furniture estimates delivery time based upon the track record of each factory. Any delivery date provided by Soleil Furniture is an estimate only. Soleil NEVER provides an exact date of delivery. Our estimated ship date is provided on the invoice at the point of sale. This is an estimated ship date to the factory warehouse in the U.S. Additional time is required for home delivery. Payment in full is required prior to home delivery. You can not cancel your order due to delays in shipping. All sales are final.

International Shipping
Sorry, but we do not ship outside US and Canadian territories

Your Door Size - Dimensions
Soleil Furniture does not know the size of your doors. It is 100% the buyers responsibility to determine if the furniture will fit through the doors at your home. Large items like beds and dining tables are broken down for shipping. This allows all large items to fit through standard size doors assuming a straight and level pathway on both sides of the door. It is the buyers responsibility to make certain that the furniture fits in elevators.

Ok be honest here, are you actually reading this page? I didn't think so. No one ever reads this page, not even the person that hired me to make this website will see it. So let's do a little test, If you're reading this page, I want you to say "Aliens stole my furniture" in the comment box of the order form. Let's see how long it takes for the owner to call me up asking why someone put a weird comment about aliens stealing furniture. Anyway back to the boring terms and conditions.

Damage Claims
If your furniture is damaged or defective it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. If the furniture can be repaired locally - this is often the fastest and best option. Call us immediately when damage or defect is discovered. Damage claims must be reported to Soleil Furniture via e-mail with photos within 24 hours of delivery. Damage claims that are not reported in writing with photo's within 24 hours of delivery will NOT be honored.

Warranty Claims
The factory is liable for express warranty. Warranty claims must be submitted directly to the factory within 1 year of purchase.

Jurisdiction for legal disputes is Oakland County, Michigan (USA).

Collection Proceedings
In the event that Soleil Furniture has to begin collection proceedings due to none payment in order to recover our furniture, you (the buyer) are responsible for attorney fees and court cost.

Soleil Furniture reserves the right to change our shipping policy at any time. Please Print a copy for your records on the day you place an order.